... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Shade Seeker

Cooler hues in large.

Well, here I am...
Im and I had a positive time in Spain, but touching down in London feels rather discombobulating; it'll take me a while to find my feet again here (*sigh*), and to sort through and put up my holiday pics and back blips. I tried not just to take the same sorts of pictures as usual, and think that I had some success on that front. Tempted just to blip Im pics, but I suspect that that'd be an expression of some bias on my part, and I'm quite convinced that she'd not appreciate that sort of attention.

Mum and I went for coffee at The Black Lab in the early afternoon, and went Cayuga-spotting afterwards; the sun was out, so the Cayuga was mooching in the shade, but was kind enough to slip out into the sunshine briefly in search of friends in another shady spot.

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