... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Brockwell Park: Bendy Bygnet

Wavier in large.
Extra: Heron in the shade & Sentinel

Gawd, I'd intended to prioritise holiday pic. sorting and try to take fewer pictures pro tem, but failed on that front today... Tomorrow's planned WWT visit doesn't bode well either.
I took macro photos in the garden this morning (and thought that I'd be blipping a plant pic.), but then Mum and I went to see the swan family at Brockwell Park... The cygnets are now surprisingly large and fully feathered, but still peep like little things; I was also mesmerised by a heron creeping around in the shallows (we saw it catch a dragonfly mid-air!), and it struck some striking poses on a shady island.

Others are here (or right from Crow at Black Lab)

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