By Beckett


... for this Grey Butcherbird!

Have found a new spot further along the mighty Hawkesbury River, along the flats around the polo fields and turf farms. Seems it will offer some interesting shots.

Liked this one here with the late sun behind the trees and dust from a car going past.

Back to the Butcherbird... it was sitting on the fence and it's "sharp vision" had it picking up plenty of tucker! 

There are few others on FLICKR starting here if you wish.

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE and thanks for the kind comments stars and favs on the little Reed Warbler yesterday.

... OH, and forgot to mention the Moon!! Yesterdays moon was what's called a Harvest Moon - and apparently a "Micro Moon"... some in info here on Live Science site and I took this as a record.... could not see any were wolves so suppose we will be okay!!

... OK maybe the Aussies struggling at this point in the Cricket Ashes BUT awhile to go!!   

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