Wild Wednesday ....

.... yes, another collage!

I had a stay at home day today as it was too hot to want to go anywhere! But I loved it!

I needn't worry about getting Wild Wednesday shots because the wildlife comes to me!

♥ I had a successful butterfly emerge this morning (#24) and I released her to all the innocent victims lost on this day 18 years ago. We will never forget.  ♥

I also had visits from the squirrels, chipmunks, Goldfinches, Blue Jays, Cardinals and Petey the Parakeet (bottom middle picture).  You may remember him from my post of July 6 .... he's still been coming around but we haven't been able to capture him as of yet.  We bought special parakeet food that he loves but he won't come close enough for us to capture him.  I worry about him with the upcoming cold weather on the way and hope that he will be okay.

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