Silly Saturday ....

.... Lost Parakeet?

We saw the most interesting sight this morning out our front window!

This beautiful (but perhaps lost) parakeet .... or budgerigar depending on where you live!   Based on the blue cere (the nostril band at the top of the beak) I believe this to be a male.  This is the first time we have seen him at are feeders and we're not sure where he came from.  (He's back again today ... Sunday.) We just hope he didn't get free from his owners somehow.  We will watch the neighborhood posts to see if any fliers go up for a lost parakeet. 

I had gotten a text from the library letting me know that the DVD I put on hold was available so after lunch we went and picked it up.  As I mentioned a while ago the book i'm reading for the book club is The Martian by Andy Weir.  We had seen the movie once before .... long before I read the book .... but I wanted to see it again after reading the book.  After watching the movie again tonight I was a little disappointed in it .... some many things were not included that were in the book! The book was so much better ..... even with all the technical space stuff!

There was a free outdoor concert that we wanted to go to tonight but when we arrived at the venue we found out that it had been moved to inside due to the weather.  Well .... the place was standing room only and packed!  There was no way I was going to be able to stand from hours so we left .... disappointed.  But that allowed us to watch the movie at least. 

Talk about being silly .... I have finally filled in the two missing days we were in Saratoga Springs, NY back in June .... starting here.  Now if I would only take the time to process and post our two vacations from earlier this year!  I hope to have those done very, very soon!

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