Squirrel Blip Friday .....

Flower Friday ..... and other things.

I really wanted to only do Flower Friday this week ....

But then I got lucky!

Although it's still quite warm out the heat wave with temps in the high 90's has broken.  And with that break in temperatures the wildlife gets more active!

As I sat in the sunroom this morning I was lucky enough to see a wide variety ..... from Blue Jays to the elusive Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker! I first saw the Flicker  (upper right pic) on the fence between us and our neighbor's .... I got some pictures then.  But then later on I saw a flash of yellow fly by and into the neighbor's yard.  I quickly grabbed the camera and sneaked up to the fence.  I think he (it's a male) saw me but thankfully didn't fly off right away! Lucky me as we don't see these that often!!!

Later on my little chippy friend came by for his peanuts .... he is still a little shy with me and won't come close to me quite yet.  By my estimations (based on pictures!) he is a juvenile male .... and I have named him Theodore or Theo for short. 

I have caught up on my journal ... starting with Wild Wednesday.

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