The Hazyland Boys

By TheHazylandBoys

We did it!!!!

We've been Nose Working in Kolding, Jylland today - Gollum and I!

Nose Work is a dog sport created to mimic professional detection dog tasks. The dogs must find a hidden target odor and alert the handler. 

There are four elements in a Nose Work Trial (container search, interior search, exterior search and vehicles).

Gollum was on fire! 

He found all 4 hides and gained a perfect score of 100 points with no mistakes, which means that he has now gained the title NW1 (Nose Work 1).

He  completed the interior search in 7 (!!!) seconds and all 4 searches in 63 seconds!!!! He was turbo fast! So he won the interior search and he also won the class as he was fastest dog over all. I am crazy proud of him!

And today is a proud day as Gollum's sister Ex-it also gained her 3rd and crowning Obedience ticket. She is now a Danish Obedience Champion. The 3rd Champion in the litter. That's pretty amazing :-)

Biscuit hang out with me in the break between Gollum's searches and Hero had a training session between the last search and the prize giving. We also found time for several walks, so all 3 dogs have had a good day.

See you tomorrow 
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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