A day in the life

By Shelling


It's been a horribly autumny day to day. I stayed in most of the day apart for half an hour when I went to look at a house for sale at walking distance from here. I thought the house was overpriced and over my budget when I saw it on the web but curiosity made me go and have a look. A faint smell of mould met me in the hallway, I couldn't go through a single door without bending down a bit, very small rooms and a ceiling hight that, at the highest points were two centimetres over my head, all renovations was  badly made and needed redoing. And so on. It will be interesting to see if they actually get the price the want for it. Not by me anyway.

I had a neighbour visiting in the afternoon so I made an apple pie from some of the fallen apples I picked from the ground yesterday. The picture looks awful through the tinted oven glass with the oven light on but I can assure  you it was delicious -with ice cream and coffee.

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