By Pinkhairedlady

The Big Stroll

Up early to spoon a huge bowl of porridge into me before I was dropped off for the start of my charity walk. It was grey but not too chilly at a balmy 11c.
The walk got underway on time at 10.30and I coped really well with the first 5 miles but I started feeling a twinge in the top of my left leg which didn’t ease. So at the second pit stop, I asked the lovely first sisters what they would recommend and they produced a freezer pack. Ten minutes on my leg did the trick so off I went again.
Got another mile or two and it went again so hobbled to the next pit stop and had a new freezer pack taped to my leg.
Met some lovely people along the way and the sun even came out around 3 as we were about to cross the finish line. Made it round in around 4.5 hours so pretty pleased with that.
Had a bite to eat and my lovely husband picked me up and took me home. Long, hot soak in the bath did some good but I’m not stiffening up all over - that will teach me to walk 15 miles with no training.
Very pleased to have raised more than £350 for my preferred charity.
Hope I’m not too stiff in the morning.

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