By Pinkhairedlady

Rest and more rest

After a night spent saying ow ow ow every time I turned over, I thought a day of lazing around was required. So I finally had a bath and got dressed around 6pm - very decadent.
The resting has paid off as I don’t feel very stiff this evening at all!
So just a quick blip of my dahlias which are on their last leg as but gagged around a little to take today’s blip - thanks to Nickymags888 for hosting and apologies fir the lack of sparkle!

Dinner was a treat - nice piece of ribeye with gourmet (ie fat) chips, mushrooms, spinach and asparagus. Just waiting for the apple pie to heat up! Well I reckon I burned so many calories yesterday I needed a treat!
Thank you for your comments and stars.

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