From New Zealand to Comrie

The small town of Comrie nestling in the foothills of The Trossachs, amidst spectaculuar scenery, is beocming a favourite destination for artists.
Jeweller Claire Allain is the latest to move here a few months ago having lived for ten years in New Zealand and more recently Cornwall.
Why Scotland? I ask when I met her this afternoon.
“Scotland is very like New Zealand,” said Claire. “ I love the outdoor life and I visited it once as a teenager.
It made a tremendous impression on me.”
After graduating from the Birmingham School of jewellery   her love of the outdoors led to her going to New Zealand where she remained for ten years.
However, New Zealanders are not big on jewellery with a population of only one million people in South Island and the emphasis on the outdoor life.
Scotland offered the perfect compromise.  Today she is an ethical jeweller:
“I made a conscious choice to use recycled metals, fairtrade and ecometals , and to only obtain gemstones from reputable sources many years ago. It has become clear to me that the more we can do to preserve our Earth the better.”

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