An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Solheim Cup...


So, got the garden room back to normal after yesterday's cake smash.  Lola is still upset at not getting any leftovers!  :-))

Friends Keith and Mairi arrived and David and Keith headed off to play golf and Mairi and I drank coffee and put the world to rights.  

Mairi's family are from Harris and Lewis and it was her relative who erected the whale bone arch at his house in the 1920s.  The house is still in the family.  She very kindly brought me some information leaflets about the Outer Hebrides that I will enjoy reading before we go.

Keith and David returned from the golf very happy with their round.  David is on a roll.  He has won the last 6 rounds of golf.  Unheard off!  

Keith is nervous of dogs and it was as if Lola sensed this as instead of being her over-friendly self, she went over and sat quietly at his side and let him pat her.  Five minutes in and he was totally smitten.

We headed over to the golf club for dinner.  The lounge bar is decorated in recognition of the Solheim Cup (the woman's equivalent of The Ryder Cup) which is being played on the adjoining PGA Centenary Course at Gleneagles.  Since I hadn't taken any photos today, the flags seemed as good a blip as any.

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