By soozaday

A Fairy in the Barn

We were at a book signing. Local friend and master gardener Orin Martin has written a lovely new book, Fruit Trees for Every Garden, and a spillover crowd came out to wish him well. Home gardeners, farmers, students, people whose lives he's touched over his many years at the UCSC Alan Chadwick Garden. Take a look at the book if you're interested in gardening at all. It's full of sweet illustrations and packed with information. Orin had requested that folks bring pie, and there was a table of homemade treats that grew and grew as the afternoon wore on. 

This little girl just won my heart. What style! Her sprite outfit, the beloved bear, two enormous tote bags, the gold sandals, and there she was determinedly shoveling in a plate of pie. I'd love to see her in ten years. 

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