By smithski


Beautiful sunny day after a rather grey Manchester start. Afternoon was spent in an old vacant mill in Bolton which was interesting.
Amazing how well those mills were built, it only went up in 1908 but they obviously built it to last for a lot longer than the business itself eventually did. Obviously, they couldn’t have foreseen the rise of cheap, affordable synthetic fabrics from the far east that would decimate Lancashire’s cotton industry.
I have been lucky enough that work has taken me into a fair few of these old mills over the years and its always rather poignant to think of the hundreds of people who worked in each mill. Generation following generation, often marrying other mill workers, and all living in the local area which tends to be rows of equally well built terraced houses. All of them now seem to be just a collection of households who have no real connection to each other, which has led to them feeling like the areas are unloved with no sense of community.

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