Sue Le Feuvre

By UrbanDonkey

La Coupée

My final day in Sark was another fantastic day but no free tasting of local Sark cidre and wine.
Complete chaos when the walkers came over from Guernsey in the morning because there were two boats to accommodate all passengers but also a Jersey boat which got into the harbour between the 2 Guernsey boats. Malcolm, our guide met 2 from the first boat and accompanied them up the hill for me to look after while he went back down to search for the others. In the end there were 8 of us plus Malcolm and me. 2 British, 2 French and 4 Germans but a good bunch though of varying abilities both at walking and understanding. Towards the latter part of the afternoon I took some of the slower walkers the short way back to the pub at the top of the hill while Malcolm finished the tour with the other. I had a French wife and a British husband. French wife started panicking because she thought it was time to go down for the boat and her husband and the rest of the group wasn’t back yet. I told her there was plenty of time but couldn’t even phone Malcolm to check how close he was because all weekend Guernsey mobile phones have been unable to contact each other.
But they arrived in good time and everyone agreed to walk down the path to the harbour rather than take the toastrack.
More chaos at the harbour because visitors from Jersey kept trying to convince us Guernsey locals that we had to queue for a boarding pass not simply queue for the boat. Rubbish! The queue has always been in the same place and towards the front of it there was a scribbled note “Guernsey boat” but it was somewhat obscured by Jersey passengers in the wrong place.
But we all got back safely and when I got off my luggage was sitting waiting for me having travelled on the first boat back.
A brilliant weekend!

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