Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


It wasn't a case of East Fife four, Forfar five on Saturday, but rather Falkirk three, Forfar Athletic nil. Perhaps easier on the tongue and definitely (for this Bairns' fan at least) easier on the blood pressure.

Falkirk were expected to do well in this division, but safe to say, it has not been the plain sailing we expected. One very good result before today but other performances have not matched up to that early expectation.

Still, two early goals got us off to a good start on Saturday, but after that it was a fairly drab affair. We could (and should) have scored more on the balance of play and chances created, but a third goal near the end was all we had to show for our efforts. It probably woke most of the fans up in time for the final whistle and the journey home. A win is a win and another three points, so let's take that and move on.

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