By Ronniebofa

Tonight’s creation - can’t resist a bargain!

After Body Balance and gym session in the Peak this morning it was a quick stop into Morrison’s supermarket for 4 pack of cream eclairs. It’s my Monday treat that I take to brothers at Mill of Keir to have with afternoon coffee. I have one and at only 135 calories I don’t feel too guilty. Whilst in Morrisons I.could not resist looking for yellow label bargains. I was able to bag 3 punnets of rasps at less than half original price and 2 cherry tomato, goat cheese and spinach tarts at 45p (reduced from £1:50 - see extra photo). One tart would be the centre piece of my evening meal.
So it was a bed of a red cabbage, onion, runner beans and sweet corn “stew” with the tart and large sides of tomatoes and baked beetroot with a garnish of parsley and coriander.

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