My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Comedy of Errors

An absolute farce!
Louisa bought my Richmond marathon entry as a birthday present back in January. She booked the hotel at the same time, for all of us, 2 adults, 1 child and a baby for Friday and Saturday night...then two weeks ago, when all the other rooms were booked up, the hotel emailed her to say that the room we'd booked wouldn't fit an extra bed for Aaron. They also stated that as it was booked through any changes had to be done through them. As it was booked on an advance charge there was apparently nothing to be done about it. Frustrated as hell I booked a family room for just the Saturday night with the new plan being to travel down this morning, I'd sleep in Kew to be close to the marathon start and the others would sleep at the Premier Inn and meet me there.
So, we parked at the new hotel and walked over to the original to check me in. The lady at the desk then said we needed to pay! Despite the fact that it had been paid in advance back in January. That was the final straw for me and I basically told her how ridiculous the situation was, how annoyed I was at being messed around so much and when she asked what she could do, to let us cancel the booking to chase it up with, which she thankfully did.

Once we'd decided to all stay together tonight we got our stuff together ready to head into Central London to make the most of our Saturday afternoon...only to find a signal failure and indefinite cancellations on the District line

Change of plan, we decided not to worry about doing any touristy stuff and just head for something to eat instead. So it was onto the overground and off to Oxford Circus for food at Aaron's excellent recommendation for my pre-race carb loading, Vapiano.
At least something went to plan!

Finally we met up with Louisa's uncle John for a couple of drinks and for him to meet Owen. We always try and catch up when we're down in London and that bit was really nice and relaxed once we'd got a table outside the Hereford Arms...until that is, Owen managed to knock my pint over.
All over Louisa's leg!

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