My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

I definitely did run Richmond

Richmond marathon

After yesterday's trials and my lack of quality training I was a bit worried about the race. But it went pretty much exactly to plan, despite the 8 o'clock start. My pace was OK and I kept it comfortably for the first 16 miles before it started to become a bit more of an effort, finally slipping off over the last six miles or so...and all without having to stop.

The course is great with the first five miles being in Kew Gardens before heading off down the Thames path to Richmond, Teddington Lock and then Kingston. It was about the halfway mark, just after crossing Kingston Bridge, that I got the wonderful surprise of Louisa, Aaron and Owen waiting to cheer me on. A quick kiss for luck and it was on to Hampton Court before heading back up the river to the finish in the Old Deer Park...with a medal, t-shirt and a complimentary beer hedgerow cider waiting for me.
In the heat that built throughout the morning I was pretty chuffed with my time and definitely earnt that drink.

I'm glad I listened to Louisa's recommendation when she did it a couple of years ago.

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