The House in Brolio, Villa Osteria

Today we moved out of this rather lovely house. We have had a fine few days here but now it's time to move on to the wedding venue, our real reason for being here!
This morning we looked through a book of photographs, showing how this property was renovated. It was a little poignant to see because the family leading the renovation work had put in so much work and done so much. Just as an example, that outdoor staircase was completely removed, as was the upper floor of the house and the roof behind and above it. All that was to enable the kitchen on the ground floor to be repaired and renovated. When that was done the upper floor went back, the roof was replaced and a stronger exterior staircase installed.
So why is this beautifully and expensively renovated house now available, via a rather uncaring agent, for short term rentals? I can only think that something went seriously wrong with the owners' plans, and suspect that the financial crisis of 2008 led to disaster.  I rather hope I'm misreading the situation.
However, the ten of us had a good time here and really enjoyed our few days in this delightful villa.

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