Tiny Tuesday - 2500 Blips Hurray! : )

This is my 2500th Blip and its amazing to think I’ve posted 2500 in a row having never missed one. Blip quickly became addictive to me and i’m so glad it did as I have this amazing visual timeline of bits of each of those days.

It’s almost 7 years since my sister in law GingerNan introduced me to this whole concept (thank you so much K ;) and as I cast my eye back over the years I see that i’ve become quite taken with the macro lens so its very appropriate that this day is on a Tiny Tuesday day ;;o)

I thought a cloud of tiny sedum flowers in a pink fleshy leaf shaped like a scoop would suit the moment! :o)

To all my Blipping friends, thank you for all your love and life would be very pale and quiet if I couldn’t catch up with you almost every day!! :o)xxxxx

Here’s hoping I can do another 2500!

Thanks to JDO for hosting TT this month ;o)xxx

In extras is todays shot of baby Mason with his Dad, how sweet he is! :o)

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