the TV after hearing dogs barking on it!  In this one you can see her split ear, poor girl.  However it doesn't seem to be infected....

ECB (Emergency Charlie Blip) after a crazy busy day with visitors, meetings and committees all happening at once...when I've not been feeling all that well after being awake since 2am :(

Just all the stress of yesterday catching up with me I think.

Thank you all for your really kind and supportive comments 

I'm not enjoying my team's removal to a bigger team...

I work for two Managers and the three of us in this team used to form a team of 7 with the 4 in the other team....but they've moved the three in one team to a team of more than 20 :(  It's hard work to start with....  and I still work for my other Manager but miss out on their more fun team events :(  

Sometimes life is not fair but at least I still have a job and I like the job it's just the bigger picture I hate.  When you're in a small team you're someone, when you're in a large team you're just a minion, or a number ....
And that's Tuesday!  

So glad to be home with my girl and although I need to do a little housework with a viewing tomorrow, I will only do what is needed...

Happy Tuesday folks :)

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