Unusual flowers

in my neighbours garden :)

I saw very similar ones on SkyeGirl's blip the other day and she thought they are colchicum, so thanks to her, I now know what they are :)

Thank you all so much for the comments, stars and hearts on yesterday's 'On the Threshold'.  Charlie is sitting proudly on the bottom rung of page three of Popular :)

On that subject - Charlie bravely went out of the cat flap this morning before breakfast and disappeared... for a ( long time) few minutes I worried but got on with getting ready for work....

Heard the click of the cat flap and called her ...but she wasn't there. Opened the door and saw 'bully boy' cat from a neighbours....

Went out of the door and there she was...Big tail, cowered down between flowerpots...very glad to see me because I shoo'd 'bully boy' away... after we came in and cat flap locked again...bully boy put his head in the flap.
At least she went out of the flap of her own accord and came back but now I'm worried for her as she seems scared...

Tonight she watched me whilst I was walking with camera in the garden, but didn't leave the doorway and now she's sound asleep next to me as I type this :)

Happy Monday folks :)

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