By Kipsie

What a great day

The usual start to my day, coffee, biccie, read a couple of chapters, did a load of washing, breakfast, then a Millie bimble. Today we went down through the water meadows, up around the lake into Manscombe Woods, across the road onto the John Musgrave Trail, spotted some fab mounds of fungi growing on a felled oak trunk, right turn back down into Cockington Court, nipped into the rose garden to say hello to Pete, who volunteers there on a Tuesday, across the grand lawn in front of the house, through the orchard, back up Vicarage Hill & home. Very quiet down there today just as we like it :)
Got a text from Jos asking if the Rowcroft distribution centre was close to the recycle centre. We managed to tick both off. She'd been having a sort out, so the back of her mini was chocka. We emptied the back, had a chuckle with the workers. There were assorted colours, shapes & sizes of fabric snakes hanging from an over head metal strut. The looked quite wacky, & at the very end was a great big hairy spider. Good job Jos did'nt see it she would have freaked out completely. Jos is the friend who calls spiders Malcolms, as even the word spider giver her the eebie jeebies.
Next stop the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, we swift coffee enjoyed on their outside terrace, we wanted to check out the lino cut taster session with Luna North taking place downstairs. We got there at 2pm, & as luck would have it we were the only two this afternoon, there had been 6 in the morning, so she explained briefly how the different tools are used to create certain effects, then got stuck in and began our own piece. I was cutting away when I heard a woman's voice. I know that voice ... she spoke again this time to Luna. I Definitely know that voice. I looked up saw her face and said to her "I know you" .... "Do you?" "Yes I'm sure I do" "I'm not from around here" " Where are you from?" "Weston Super Mare" "What's your name" "Tina" OMG!!!! The last time I saw Tina & her hubby Micky, was probably 37 years ago. Their best friends were also very good friends of ours so we would often get together through the Summer for barbecues etc.They had only been talking about hubby & I earlier in the day as they remembered my parents living in Chudleigh Knighton. They were camping locally for a few days. Such a lovely couple. They rode a tandem bicycle, only upgraded to electric bicycles earlier this year. "An age thing". We swapped addresses, so hopefully can catch up over a cider sometime soon.
Back to the lino cutting, a series of tiny cuts with different tools had created many different patterns, a good taster, Luna was a great tutor. We finished just before 4pm.  It was great fun, & so good to complete the process of making a print to bring away with us. We were both hooked, so next stop was Trago Mills looking for lino cut kits etc. Nada!
Back to Torquay, Millie was very pleased to see us, licking her lips as if to say, where've you been I eat at 5pm. Woof woof. Josie stayed for dinner. While I prepared the meal Jos sat surfing the net for lino cutting kits/equipment.  We had the cous cous stuffed peppers I made last night, 4 down, 6 to go, with a lovely bowl of salad. She headed home, then I watched TGBBO. Always good for a titter.

Thanks to Jill Orme (JDO) for hosting

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