It is believed that butterflies congregate on mud and other such substances primarily for salts. The salts and amino acids absorbed during puddling play various roles in butterfly ecology, ethology and physiology. It is primarily the males that are found puddling. Males seem to benefit more from the sodium uptake as it aids in reproductive success, with the precious nutrients often transferred to the female during mating. This extra nutrition helps ensure that the eggs survive.

I spent a short time outside today and then spent a while contacting various people to ensure they had the information on the Funeral Services for Connie on Friday.

Kent spent time with Connie’s husband, George and son, Joey and helped them put together the program for the service. They had called yesterday and asked that Kent officiate at the service.

Kent has spent most of the night working on getting together information on Connie’s life. Gathering thoughts, memories & events of importance in someone’s life is no easy task.

I’ve been doing more work this afternoon and evening on some Christmas decorations I’m making. I’m sure I could crank them out faster but I’m just taking my sweet time.

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