2000 blips!

It seems that this will be my 2,000th blip. Where did all those days go?

This morning we went on a guided cycle ride through some beautiful scenery here near Yangshuo. "How to represent 2,000 with bicycles?"" I asked myself. Well my trusty Editor was "gently" persuaded to adopt a yoga-type pose to make a number "2" in front of two parked bikes to provide the zeros. A bit lot of Photoshopping and here's the result.

The first extra is a dragon made of rice straw, set in a field of rice - we thought it rather splendid. What's more, the dragon also seems to be spelling out "2000" for me!!

The second extra is "Moon Mountain": we stopped for lunch at a restaurant near there. We were given the option to climb it but declined - it's too hot & humid! (No prizes for guessing how it got its name!)

I never imagined when I started blipping that I'd still "be here" after 2,000 entries, but blip is such a fabulous community that I'll stay as long as I can. Thankyou so much to everyone who looks in at my journal and for your support and encouragement. And special thanks to the blip directors who keep the show on the road so well.

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