By davidc

Trolley Bus Ride

Today we flew to our final destination in China - Shanghai, China's most populous city with over 26 million inhabitants (about 1/3 of the population of the UK!). In spite of that, we were impressed with the amount of greenery around the city as we took our bus from the airport.
By the time we arrived at our hotel it was almost time to go out for our evening entertainment, which involved a trolley bus ride - see the main blip. When I was at junior school in the UK back in the '60s I used to take a trolley bus to school but sadly they were soon replaced by horrible noisy, smelly diesels: with the current emphasis on reducing urban air pollution that was clearly a mistake. So it's nice to see that some cities are using modern versions although Shanghai does have diesel buses too. I was impressed with the high-tech dashboard on our bus - very different from the buses I rode in my childhood.
The entertainment was the Shanghai Acrobat Show, and a fabulous show it was. The performers were incredibly talented (ranging from a juggler to a pole dancer to a conjurer and others, with some clowns added for good measure). I'd hoped to take photos but they were forbidden and I didn't want to get our tour guide into trouble (although several in the audience were taking photos on their phones) - but I did sneak a shot of the curtain call at the end (1st extra): I reckoned it didn't matter if I got thrown out then!
Walking back from the bus stop to our hotel we passed a tiny shop absolutely full of replacement wheels of all types and sizes, so of course I had to photograph it (2nd extra). I've never seen so many different wheels all together.
Thankyou all so much for the stars, hearts and lovely comments on my 2000th blip yesterday - I'm trying to thank you all personally but it may take a while.

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