Barbican comings and goings

I always take a little peek out of the window whenever I visit the Barbican library (not so often nowadays, sadly) - some good potential for photos on a sunny day.  I was looking for books on the Peak District today, as Tim and I are off on holiday there in a few weeks.  Got a few books of walks, and have ordered in a guide book, too.

Char was still off sick today, and Mags didn't fancy the library, so I popped over there on my own at lunch, then caught up with her and others back in the office to eat.  

My Mum was still feeling poorly today too - regular updates from my sister told me she'd had no sleep last night, and was feeling nauseous in the middle of the day - but thankfully was feeling quite a bit better by this evening.  I talked to my Mum on the way home and she wasn't sounding too bad - looking forward to her early bedtime, even though she'd been in bed all day, and hoping for a better sleep!

Bit of a busy first half of the evening (putting the bins away, doing the online food shop, etc), followed by a relaxing episode of Bake Off.  It still amuses me that Tim and I both love it so much, but it's great!

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