Farewell to Tinkerbell...

Not a photo that I would have wished to upload today, but the few days that we have been away, Tinkerbell had started to deteriorate and her sarcoma  had begun to rupture outward, very unpleasant.  The Son and Daughter #1 did take her to the vet, who dressed her wound and administer antibiotics and anti inflammatories but after a video chat with them I felt that the best decision was to stop her suffering now. 
And so one of our vets accompanied by a nurse came to the house, so that Tinkerbell could spend her last minutes, unafraid and calm, lying in a favourite sunshine spot.
Clearly not a photo taken today, but one that I took last Friday and converted to mono. Goodbye Tinkerbell: we enjoyed your company for 16 years and we will greatly miss your sweet nature.  Soon you will join our other kitties who have been laid to rest in our garden.

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