By Photogen

Beardmore Sculpture

The Beardmore Scupture was  commissioned by residents associations from local artist Tom MacKendrick in 2010. In his youth he had been an apprentice at the nearby John Brown Clydebank shipyard. 
The sculpture is sited close to the location of the former Dalmuir Naval Construction Works, which was the brainchild of Sir William Beardmore. He was the owner of a vast industrial engineering organisation.  At its peak the Beardmore empire employed around 40,000 people on Clydeside - in addition to making heavy steel castings, warships and airships. The  empire also produced steam locomotives, combat aircraft, tanks and military equipment, motor cycles, lorries and cars, steam boilers and engines.
The crowning glory of the Beardmore Sculpture is a model of the enormous Royal Sovereign-class battleship HMS Ramillies which was built at Dalmuir during the Great War.

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