... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: Nail Biting

Naughtier a nēnē in large.
Nēnēs: "Please, do go on..." & "Pleased to meet you"
Emperors: Snoozy emperors, The Revenant?, Tree nibbler

Im and I went to the wetland centre, and in an attempt to limit my photo opportunities (and so take fewer photos), I decided to go with just the seriously silly 20mm lens mounted, but it turned out to be much more amusing than anticipated... I came back with very funny close-ups (close focus at ~f/2.0 with birds that like to nibble on lens hoods...) and several shots that looked like they were taken from a goose-themed remake of The Revenant.

Others are here (or right from Im in twisty tunnel)

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