Capital adventures

By marchmont

Here lyeth

Mary Menelaws, my 3x gt grandmother, well in an unmarked grave roughly where that stick is lying on the grass in St Cuthbert's Kirkyard. She died in June 1831, aged 39, of inflammation. Her husband died in 1847 and is in an unmarked grave in Rosebank Cemetery. My great grandfather is in an unmarked grave in Newington Cemetery and of his widow there is no trace. All info courtesy of CEC staff at Mortonhall.

Elsewhere, I spent the morning on justice, prisons, victims, and Brexit. Then lunchtime walking to a grave followed by an afternoon with Brecht and Austen and all topped off with Christmas, in a new venue.

Been an interesting day.

Post script - another grave, but a much more interesting story than this one.  I can't comment on this journal but please check out Mary Anne Rawson, a woman whose name has been lost, and it shouldn't have been. 

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