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By rsdphotography

Wide Wednesday - Bridge

I wanted to get back to the Wide Wednesday challenge now that we are back from our vacation and I have time to devote to the process once more. Unfortunately, Zihuatanejo's bridge selection is pretty limited so this pedestrian walkway next to the beach was the best our town has to offer. A little extra work with NIK Silver Effects Pro brought it to a point where I wasn't embarrassed to post it.

As an aside, my Canon 7D is back from the dead. I hadn't used it for more than a year as the last time I tried it wouldn't start no matter which battery I put in it. It had been repaired twice by Canon Professional Services, so I thought it was kaput. Put it in a drawer and forgot about it. Yesterday I was clearing out old stuff and tried a battery one last time. Imagine my surprise when it started right up. I took it to town today because Tropical Storm Lorena was in full force and I figured why not use a camera that I didn't have to worry about getting wet. Performed like the champ of old.

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