Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Lunch/catch-up with my amazing friend Diane…,she’s had so much heartache and change in her life lately…but her spirit is glowing, resilient and tough.  She’s (at 81) just bought a HOUSE for herself (not a spot in a retirement home ) and is in the process of getting rid of her “stuff.”  She also wants to keep a daily photo journal and try as hard as I have, I can’t talk her into blip.  (But she’ll look at this:-))    So she’ll try to keep one on her phone. 
 Of course we talked about “stuff” and the book I’m making of my Mom’s “stuff”…and then I came home and worked on some more pages for it this afternoon.   “To be perfectly honest” (as Fiona would say it)  ..I’m pretty bored with this “stuff” so the real challenge is in the making of a multimedia piece that’s interesting to look at.   My time limit: Dec 1.    There, I’ve written it down! 

I just really liked this phone photo of her and her stripes.
Extra.... a few of the pages

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