What’s all the fuss about a table?

I was so pleased to find the table on the right yesterday. Very slightly faded compared with the one on the left so I guess it may have been left in the sun. The tables ARE identical. There are differences in perspective thanks to the photo being taken with a phone.

Each will stand either side of the low shelving unit over which the TV hangs. The reason we didn’t buy both last year was because 1) we were a bit short of cash and 2) Mjidou’s car didn’t have room.

We sauntered up to the Kasbah in Chefchaouen this morning. It was already getting hot. Glad to be back in Tangier in the cool of the A/C watching the sea.

Len tells me there is a forecast of rain for Sunday by which time we shall have left. I think thunderstorms have been forecast for Leicestershire too.

The land in Morocco is parched. I could cry at the sight of all the donkeys and horses left out in the blazing sun with nothing to eat or drink often with packs on their backs.

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