Magnificent creature

Who deserves better. One of the stallions forced to stand on Tangier corniche every day to provide rides for visitors. I'm not even sure if they've been shoed.

Taken on my beach walk this afternoon. It's cloudy, so temperatures are very pleasant by my reckoning. The Tangeris don't like it. Very few on the beach compared with sunny days.

No evidence here of a climate change walk, but lots of plastic bags washed up on the beach.

Mjidou brought Saida with a gift of tagine for tonight's dinner. We look forward to it.

As we have a horribly early start in the morning, we've been packing.

As we finished breakfast, the Voyage channel on the TV in Novel Coffee downstairs started showing the episode of Michael Portillo's train journey from Tangier to Marrakech. Instructive to watch how the programme makers viewed Morocco. The high speed network was only just being built when the programme was made two to three years ago. As someone had said on the net, it was rather clichéd.

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