Work and fun combined.

I had an appointment in Harlingen this morning at 09.30.
It's a yearly thing, a cash check of a client of mine.
Usually this doesn't take very long, no more than 30 minutes max. Therefore I always try to combine this with something else. This year, what a surprise, I wanted to combine it with some drone flying in and over Harlingen harbour.
I asked Richard to come along and he did.
We left Delfzijl around 07.50 and at 09.15 I parked in front of the city hall, the place where I had to be.

Richard had some time off in the city centre and I went inside.
All went well and smooth and already at 09.41 I was outside calling Richard where he was.
He already explored the harbour.
We took the car and went to a parking near the harbour.
When we walked a bit we felt the wind getting stronger and stronger but nevertheless we got our drones out.
Not for long though. Once up we immediately saw it really wasn't a good idea to fly at all. The drones couldn't even hover at one place. The wind blew them away. A pity, but we did bring our other cameras as well.
First we went to Koehool (hoping the wind there would be much less, but it wasn't) and then back to Harlingen for a nice quick lunch.
After that we went to Dokkum where we captured windmill Zeldenrust. We played around with long exposures.
Around 15.30 it was time to go home again.

After I dropped Richard off at his home, I went to pick up the online ordered groceries at the supermarket.

In the evening Annemarie and I went to school for an information evening about Daan's second year at school.

A full but very nice day.

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