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By ajt

Boom! Boom!

Went for a walk around la Cité d'Aleth. It's not far from the house and you can have nice views across the Rance and out to the sea if the light is good. Today I took a picture of one of the weapon couplas that were installed by the Nazis during the second war to keep the Allies out and the French in. As you can see it took rather a beating from the Allies to get the invaders out of it.

My wife asked what it was made off, and I said steel without thinking. Apparently things like this are usually made from cast steel, which is an expensive and difficult process as steel is much harder to cast than iron or softer metals.

The French have a problem with things like this. On the one hand it reminds them that a numerically inferior army overran them and occupied them in almost a flash, which is a sore point, but at the same time people need to be reminded that people can do stupid things if we let nationalism and stupidity get out of hand.

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