By ColdCoffee


This week Little Boo and I are fighting off a virus. We are probably 80% snot right now, and we’ve been in pyjamas pretty much constantly for the last 3 days.
We don’t usually let LB watch TV at all, or at least we try and keep it to an absolute minimum. But this week has well and truly kicked me in the bum, and the TV has been on loads more than normal. Albeit, sometimes LB has been happily playing with toys while I’ve watched Wallace and Gromit.
It’s hard to get past the guilt of not meeting your own standards sometimes. The perfectionist within me would love to be one of those families whose children don’t know what a screen is, only eat organic vegetables and spend all day outside. Some weeks we do a better job than others at reaching our ideals. This week has been full of onesies and biscuits, and that’s ok too.

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