By CrowingHen


Henny Penny enjoys a cuppa tea on the balustrade along the beachfront.  Flask like a monument to the day, before turning our back on the ocean and enter the graveyard.

I stumbled and just about smashed my skull on the marker beside the tree.  A shock when I saw my name upon the stone (see second photo).  Wondering if walking among the dead was a good idea today.

Needed comfort, so headed for a coffee shop and was snubbed by a proper photographer because his takes 'real film' not fake digital pictures.  I told him I shoot an Argus on my days off, he harumphed and went back to his smartphone.  Henny Penny peeked at his pentax and saw it was set to automatic.  Such a petty thing, but it made us feel better.

Today's exercise: take my time.  I'm nervous making photographs in public, so I rush and fail to capture what I see.  On the way back to the beach, we saw a grave dresser (third picture).  Henny Penny wanted to get in, but I liked it better as we found it.  I made myself take time and ignore the humans that passed by.  It was difficult.

Couldn't find Emily Carr's grave so we'll have to go back and try again.

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