By CrowingHen


Henny Penny made some new friends.

Walked around downtown while we had some work done on the car.  We couldn't find the climate strike march, so we had lunch.

It was nice to walk around with the camera, but with that many people, I got camera shy and only took a few digital snaps.  Most of these were crap because I didn't take time to keep the camera still. But the Argus got a workout and the film is just about done.  

Using the argus in public was far less intimidating than my regular camera.  Don't know why as it's so cumbersome.  Light meter, compose shot, change angle, check settings, recheck lightmeter because the sun came out, change settings, don't forget to focus, check settings, did the light just change?  nope, okay, quick, find something to rest against as the trigger is stiff, okay, deep breath, and out, and hold your breath, and let's go.... snap.  Maybe I'll leave the digital at home next time and practice taking time with the argus... if the argus works.

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