Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Shame on you

Today I had to go into town to pick up something from the doctors' surgery and stuff from the chemist.  I went in at lunchtime with my camera because I just knew Winchester would have a Climate Change event in tandem with all the others around the world. 

Sometimes I'm quite proud of my city.  Yes, it's rich and smug, but it has always also had another side, as I discovered in the '80s with CND.  Left as well as Right, compassion as well as convention and an underbelly of grunge to offset the would-be smarts.  So the protest today was happy, noisy and coherent and the only person to get annoyed was a motorcyclist (sorry chaps) who got stuck behind the walkers and kept revving his non-silenced engine VERY LOUDLY!

Hampshire County Council have refused to say they won't fine the parents of kids who came out of school for this.  So what do we say to them?  Well I say,!

In the main shot is the van of protesters marching down the precinct and in Extras are two portraits, as you might expect from me ;))

Very shortly my son will be turning up on the way back from a meeting in Southampton.  So looking forward to seeing him.

Happy Friday evening, all, and have a great weekend  xx

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