By IainatCreel

A Day Out with Rod

It’s been the kind of day that Orkney deserved.  Prolonged sun, too few clouds (!), warm, hottish – it even emboldened the midges.   I sprang from my bed as if fired from a canon and went to do some exterior painting.   CMC asked me to get some carrots. 

I even mended the pop up plug in the bath which has been jammed.  I resorted to good old physics.  We decided to push cultural boundaries and leave the parish for a walk.  I couldn’t find my sunglasses anywhere.  When we arrived home the Current Mrs Creel told me she had found my sunglasses in the cupboard the carrots are kept in, actually among the carrots.  Well, you never see a rabbit wearing glasses.

Last night I danced and CMC informs me I will be dancing tonight, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (morning and night) and Tuesday.  Now, where’s my appliance and tutu?

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