By MsQuizzical

Goose Down

I took MrQ to Epping to collect his new glasses. While he was having them fitted Ollie dog and I had a little walk in the High Street and then I joined a couple of young decorators, who were covered in paint, on a bench in the beautiful sunshine. The girl loved Ollie and sent a pic of her to her friend. An old man approached and I asked him if he would like my seat. The decorators left so he and I shared the bench. I'm afraid to say he was very smelly and he had a lump of his breakfast in the corner of his mouth which made me feel quite sick. I asked him if he'd got a hankie, telling him he'd got something on his face. Fortunately he had and wiped it off. I then had quite an interesting chat with him whilst trying not to breathe.

No such problem with this hybrid goose which has a feather stuck to its bill. :) I like that the water has a feathery effect. 

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