A close shave?

The weather took a turn for the worse for our last day in China, but we didn't let that stop us doing some more exploring. Much of this took the form of a ride on the hop-on/hop off sightseeing bus (we chose one without an open top!) as that seemed a good way to see more of the city without getting soaked. We went with three others from the party (an Australian and two New Zealanders)
The main blip shows an rather enterprising street-sleeper whom we passed while walking from one of the bus drop-offs. We were impressed with his level of organisation!
The first extra shows the Shanghai Tower, the tallest building in Shanghai at 632 metres with 127 storeys, disappearing into the low clouds. Its construction began in 2008 and was completed in 2015. According to my sources it's the third tallest building in the world, beaten by Tokyo Skytree at 634 metres and the Burj Khalifa at 828 metres. Apparently its spiral shape is to reduce the effect of wind on the structure to help it cope with typhoons: each storey is rotated by 1 degree from the previous one, the shape lowering the force of the wind by about 25%.
The second extra shows the en-suite at our hotel an amusing view of a nearby rooftop as seen from the bedroom window in our hotel ;-))
Now at Shanghai airport awaiting the first leg of our journey home.

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