Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


Today we went to Bishop’s Stortford and had brunch in Café Thyme. I was going to blip my excellent crab sandwich, but then my husband bought me the necklace and charm from Pandora, so that is my picture today, with my sandwich taking second place.    The picture is not the best quality as it was taken with my iPhone.    I had seen the necklace on an advert on television and only went in to look. My husband decided that I should have it while it was in stock as I missed getting a similar one when it was no longer available. I could not resist the pumpkin Halloween charm. Once Halloween is over I shall put that charm on my bracelet and a cat, (yet to be purchased) on the necklace.
We did a little shopping before going to Waterstones to host the Mensa meeting. There were eight of us today including two new members; there was a lively discussion, which was excellent

The temperature at GMT noon was twenty-two degrees Celsius; it was very sunny all day.

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