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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

A morning of housework, but I only got the downstairs done; the upstairs will have to wait for another day.
Around midday I met my daughter and we went into Saffron Walden. We visited the new small retail park that has several shops and we were going to have coffee and cake in Costa. The queue was enormous and the tables that were empty were covered in empty cups and plates. We decided to have a wander in the new B and M and then went back to Costa, but there were still long queues. We visited Pets at Home before we came home. I will be allowed to drive next week and so I plan to visit again with my husband, maybe it will be better then.
During the afternoon I made a chocolate cake with salted caramel icing and this is my picture today. I have had to put it in the fridge as it is rather hot in the kitchen and the icing was melting.
The window cleaners I telephoned earlier in the week have not called back, so clearly they have enough work so I need to find someone else.

The temperature at GMT noon was nineteen degrees Celsius; it was very sunny all day.

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