Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

Parking Dilemma!!

Another glorious day...spent some time brushing cobwebs off windows, drains and soffits around the house and cleaned the conservatory ready to furnish it finally. A blast around the coast and countryside in the Nomad before tea...there was a lovely haar in the Firth of Forth; the geese were landing in droves at Aberlady and the sun was glinting across the sea at Longniddry...but we didn’t stop to photograph any of it!! The only stop we did make was an emergency one...when I had to nip behind a tree :((

Where do you put your ticket in an open top car???

P&O ferries to the rescue!! Hubby is quite chuffed with his little piece of sticky back plastic which helpfully tells everyone on the outside what it’s for! Quite how you stop anyone unscrupulous nicking said ticket is a different problem!

Extra...photobombed taking a pic of the clematis in bloom.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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