By Shutterup

So much for a quiet Saturday

We had a fabulous day... boiling hot rather like the middle of summer. What more can one ask for.  There we were quietly enjoying our breakfast coffee when the phone rang.  A neighbour in need... of a puppy sitter!  Only too happy to oblige l went to fetch him... him being a 14 week old black lab.. approximately twice the size of Flossie with rangy legs and not entirely in control of himself!!  We decided to let them meet on a little walk away from the house for the first time and also to help wear him out a little.  We took them for a 20 minute gambol in the field.  Flossie tried to tell him what was acceptable and what was not!! That sometimes worked.. but reduced him to barking at her which made her sit down long enough to catch her breath before she chased him once more.  No she couldn't catch him most of the time but she definitely did cut him off at the pass on a few occasions.  She managed not to be bowled over and kept all four feet below her so dignity was kept at a high!! He came home with us and found an old bone in a corner and was a happy chappy chewing away at it.  Peace at last.. or was it?.. with the attention span of a gnat he was soon up and off chasing her again before heading to the shade with the bone.  That went on for quite a while so as we were all rather tired in the heat of the day l took him back home for a snooze before his owners returned.  They were attending an internment so didnt think they could leave him in a car anywhere that would be cool enough so,lucky me to the rescue!!!

Barbecue now before tomorrows rain that is forecast.. is this the end of the summer proper?

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