Juvenile blackbird scoffing grapes

I planted this vine many years ago on the lower level of the patio, and since then it has gone wild. I've never been a big grape eater nor made wine, so I've always left the fruits to the wildlife. The vine has subsequently trailed both laterally and vertically with little restraint on my behalf. For the last couple of years it has reached up to the uppermost branches of the neighbours overhanging tree. I think these grapes are about ten yards off the ground.

I've watched a variety of birds scoffing them, but this rather young female blackbird was most amusing. After it had a bellyful it sat on a branch near to the tree's trunk and preened itself, with regular displays of outstretched feathers and hopping onto each foot in turn. Possibly it is getting ready to shed its first plumage. It was also quite mindful of my presence with regular knowing glances down to me many feet below standing in the doorway onto the steps down to the garden patio.

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